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2020: The Era of Digital Marketing

The advancements in technology have it made so much more convenient for people to communicate and share information from one corner of the world to the other. This advancement in technology has also made it possible for large and small businesses to change the way in which they market their products or services. In this day, marketing has evolved into becoming a digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is very similar to traditional means of marketing a product or service however the key difference here is that instead of having a physical storefront for your product or service, your product or service is marketed on the internet using different electronic methods. This is where the word digital in digital marketing comes from.

Digital marketing was created as a result of people becoming more and more reliant on the internet. A study showed that over half of the world’s population relies heavily on the internet as of 2019, and that number is only continuing to grow as a result of technological advancements across countries in the world.

When the internet first gained traction and popularity in the 1990s, this is when digital marketing first came to light. At that time, the internet was mostly used for basic tasks such as searching up a person’s phone number or house address or recipes and other normal things. There wasn’t any mass social media platform available at that time.

So when digital marketing was first introduced, it was introduced in the form of banner advertisements displayed across websites that were already established across the internet. These banner ads had the purpose of promoting or advertising a particular service or product, and if a user clicked on this banner advertisement they would be redirected to the company or business who is selling that product or service’s page.

Today, digital marketing has grown from just being mere banner ads shown across other websites. With the rise of social media and smartphones, digital marketing takes on many different forms.

In 2020, there are many different forms of digital marketing seen across the internet but here are some of the most popular digital marketing methods used by small and big businesses:


  1. Social Media Marketing
    Perhaps the most popular form of digital marketing is social media marketing. Brands use influencers and celebrities to promote their product or service across different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to name a few.

    Brands also create advertisements that are shown through Instagram stories, Facebook sponsored pages etc.

    The reason brands do this is because they know that people are very active on social media. A study conducted stated that people spend at least a minimum of 2 hours on social media. 2 hours is plenty of time for a person to see different advertisements of products and services, and then feel the need to want to purchase that product or service.

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    This form of digital marketing is relatively new and continuing to grow. Companies will use blog posts and websites that are SEO friendly in order to bring in customers.

    SEO friendly means that their website will show up in search engines like Google, or be displayed as the first website when a person searches for a specific keyword.

  3. Influencer Marketing
    As mentioned earlier, social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses influencers to sell products and/or services. But influencer marketing goes deeper than just digital marketing through social media.

    When a brand contacts an influencer to do digital marketing for their product or service, they are asking the influencer to be an ambassador of their product or service. Essentially, be the spokesperson or the face of the brand’s product or service.

    Influencer marketing is extremely popular amongst small business enterprises (SME’S) because it is cost-efficient. Influencers are gifted the product or service and asked to kindly market it by endorsing the product however they choose to.

The three samples given above are just a few ways in which brands and companies can use digital marketing to their benefit in 2020.

Digital Marketing is extremely important for any business to understand and implement if they want to be ahead of the curve and have a competitive advantage over other companies.

But you must be wondering how exactly is digital marketing important in the year 2020? Here is why it is important

Take what is happening to the world right now with the coronavirus pandemic, entire countries have been forced to isolate and lock down their citizens to reduce the spread of the virus. This of course has negative effects on companies in each country because they aren’t able to market their products like how they would normally do. This is where digital marketing comes in handy.

Sure you may be locked in your home, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a profit. Through digital marketing you can still market your products to someone half away across the world simply by using social media, emails, blogs, etc. Not only would you be saving on cost but also you won’t be confined to a specific time in which you would have to market your product.

The great thing about digital marketing is that it is all done online, and since the internet never sleeps you could be posting your advertisements throughout the day so you would actually be generating more profit for your brand in the long run.

Digital marketing is extremely important especially with the rise of artificial intelligence systems present through different technologies. Learning the in’s and outs of digital marketing and then using an AI to manage your marketing strategies will allow you to run business operations more efficiently and allow for more marketing to be done.

With everything becoming more and more digital as the years pass, companies that do not adapt to digital marketing practices will end up ceasing to exist one day.

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Why Social Media Marketing is More Popular in Today’s World?

Known as the digital age, the twenty-first century is actually the era of technology, internet, and social media. Day in and day out we are all engaged to a great extent into our cell phones, operating one or the other social media platforms. It is basic human nature to feel the need to socialize, but because of our extremely busy life, we may not find the time to meet the people we love and care for. And that’s where social media kicks in. It helps you to interact, freely with your loved ones by providing you an easy gateway that can be accessed through the internet. Efficient wireless communication. And that’s why, today, almost every other person has an ID on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other such social media platforms. The point here for a business person is that this is the very place where you’ll find your entire customer base!! Isn’t that amazing? All your potential customers, gathered in a huge network, on these platforms! And all you now need to do is, get some tools to efficiently communicate your message to them. That’s called Social Media Marketing. And all Social Media platforms aid you in performing this art for your brand! At times for free and at times for money! This makes it furthermore important to understand what Social Media Marketing is and why it is so popular today!

What is Social Media Marketing?

In order to know the importance of Social Media Marketing, we first need to understand what it is. We are all familiar with the term social media. We even use it daily and are addicted to the many platforms of social media. Basically social media platforms are a common arena where people can communicate and share stuff with others. That’s the basic work of social media. But social media is not limited to this. It is also a great source of entertainment. And, it is also a great tool for Marketing!

Social Media Marketing is using social media platforms for communication of your marketing message with your current and potential customers. This can be in the form of interactive posts, informative videos, social campaigns, challenges, hashtags, and paid promotions. And almost all social media platforms have inbuilt tools of data analytics that help you monitor the progress of your campaigns and track the engagements, comments, clicks, likes, shares, and conversions. So clearly, social media has got way more commercial strength than social! And once you learn the art of social media marketing, you can work magic for your brand!!

Social Media Marketing as a part of Digital Marketing

A fair question may arise here that if using social media platforms for marketing is Social Media Marketing, then what is Digital Marketing and how are these two different? For starters, the basic difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing is that Digital Marketing works with all aspects related to Digital platforms while Social Media Marketing is all about things to do on a social media platform. Elaborating this, when we talk about digital marketing, we are basically looking at marketing using digital technology, internet, and a creative plan. Now, this can be done using Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, E-Mails, Websites and even Social Media. That’s where the main part comes. In essence, Social Media Marketing is nothing but a part of Digital Marketing which is a way larger concept than Social Media Marketing. By making use of Social Media platforms, you can engage in effective interactions with your customers. And no digital marketing effort is ever complete without undertaking social media marketing. So, it is necessary to understand how to use this tool, what it does and how popular it has become in today’s world!

Why is social media marketing more popular in today’s world?

There is no second thought in the fact that Social Media is indispensable to our lives. We cannot abandon ourselves from this. Even if we try to, we are going to end up building a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). That’s what makes Social Media Marketing so popular these days. Because it is in these virtual communities that businesses find their most potential customers and also new business opportunities! But this is not the only reason. There are many reasons why social media marketing is gaining huge popularity today:

  • Easy access to a vast customer base: When you want your business to go beyond boundaries, you need to think big. You cannot confine in one region. Your customers are usually scattered over huge geographical areas. And it becomes difficult to communicate with such a vast customer base offline. But if you see it, you’ll realize, almost every other person is present on social media. Today, everyone has a social profile that they are visiting daily. And that creates an opportunity for businesses. You can easily reach a huge customer base in a single click with the help of social media marketing. This is really efficient, and saves a lot of time too! You don’t have to go search individual homes for reaching your customers individually, rather you can reach them directly in a single go. And precisely the presence of huge crowd on social media platforms has made social media marketing so popular today!
  • Tools for Customizing the Target Audience Selection: That’s a very good reason for gaining popularity amongst the first brands. Social Media Marketing offers you handy tools for customizing the audience you want to target. You get handy features to specify their age, gender, the region of their existence, etc with a few clicks. And your message gets delivered to the people you have selected to be targetted. Isn’t it easy? Customization of where and to whom your message would reach helps you save a lot of time and cost. And moreover, you keep the reigns of the horse in your hand!
  • Low-cost benefits: Another important reason for the popularity of social media marketing is the low-cost benefit. Now when it comes to Marketing, businesses actually have to spend huge chunks of money in advertisements on TV, newspapers or radio. And this creates a hole in their pockets. Social Media platforms, on the other hand, have offered them an easy, convenient and cheaper replacement of these high-cost advertisements as they can pretty much reach their target audience through Social Media Marketing very efficiently.
  • Tracking of promotional campaigns is easier: Social Media Marketing has a load full of gifts for its users. It comes in with inbuilt analytics that helps you track the progress of a campaign that you’ve started. It’ll tell you how many people have been reached, how many have interacted with your post by the way of a like, share, subscribe or comment, how many more will be reached and many such similar questions that would put you in the anxiety of uncertainty, get answered easily. This is what makes it so different from traditional marketing, where you don’t have things under your control. All you have is to wait. Wait till the results get clearer. But in social media marketing, you don’t wait, you get into action right away!
  • Attractive medium to creatively interact with customers: What drives so many people to Social Media? It’s the attractiveness of the platforms that creates an addiction for the users. And that’s why it becomes easy for brands to attract and convince customers with creative ideas using social media marketing. For instance, it has been quite a practice now to create memes fusing brands with current trends, or using hashtags to create a social media challenge, or create informative videos for people. They may also collaborate with influencers on these platforms to gain sight of the audience. And in the most cliche way, they can have paid promotions. And all you need for this is nothing but a profile on these social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Easy way to take up orders: It is magnificent to look at the ease of communication with Social Media Marketing. These platforms come handy with easy ways to coordinate orders and carry out business without even having a physical shop. It’s like your own virtual shop! All you need is to create a business account on these platforms. It really has features that can make life easier. You can use the profile as a catalog of items you want to provide. You can take up orders via direct messages. You can use shopping features to help tag your posts with a price. And the best part is, payments too can be done via social media platforms as they have connectivity to digital wallets! Doesn’t life seem simpler?
  • Easy way to gain feedback and reviews: Feedback is extremely important for any business. You cannot go around giving people what you have. You need to know what they want. You need to convert their problems to your solution. And you need to sell that solution to the customers. For this, you need to take feedback from your audience on their satisfaction from your product/service. And with social media marketing, that’s a two-edged sword. You get to know what people want more from you, where you are lagging, and what more should be done to improve this. Second, these reviews can be used as a word of mouth to attract potential customers by building trust and credibility. It’s like hitting two targets with a single shot!
  • Easy way to inform customers about upcoming products: Marketing is all about communication. And social media marketing is the best medium to do so. Through Social Media Marketing, it is easy to search the target audience who could relate to your product and then provide them information about the new products as and when you plan to launch them. Memes, direct messages, video collaborations, special promo codes combined with discounts offers, paid promotions, etc can all be used very well in creating awareness about new products!
  • Easy way to make the product popular: Social Media is a magical world. You may get viral in an hour and become a celebrity overnight. There is even a term used for this: Social Media Celebrity! And now while people like Priya Prakash Varrier, got famous for a wink and the Zomato delivery guy, got famous with his smile, similarly any product with a creative mind behind, can easily go viral. And what’s more important than people by hearing your product’s name, buy it while you sit back at home and watch. Social Media Marketing is the key to this miracle! 
  • Address the social issues that your product helps in solving: Social Media is filled in with social groups. Earlier, in the days of no social media, people used to communicate on the internet through chat rooms. These chat rooms usually had a common interest of the people at its center. People then used to share their views on the central issue with each other. Today, the chat rooms are long gone, but Social Media do have groups that are focused on particular issues. It may be in the form of a WhatsApp group, or a Facebook group, the purpose remains the same, to discuss common issues. There are groups for maternity tips, for yoga, for sports, for entrepreneurs, for writers, and you name it. And all you need to do is to map your product around the issue at hand and launch it like a sweet little bomb in these groups. An easy and effective technique to make your product the center of discussion!

Besides these, there are many other reasons that make Social Media Marketing a boon for businesses and helps it gain the popularity that it has today. And all you need to succeed is a creative head and a bit of knowledge into the tits and bits of the Social Media Marketing world!


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This Questions You should ask Your Digital Marketing Agency.

There is no doubt in this, that this era is the era of Digital Technology. Even businesses have relied on and are relying on digital technology for their most vital functions like marketing. This has resulted in the creation of a new field of study called Digital Marketing. But howsoever strong we think we are in these areas, it is at times advisable to consult an expert. And these experts are people who are well versed with the how about, tricks and stuff related to Digital Marketing, are called as Digital Marketing Agency. Just like, you would need a doctor to tend to your health, a CA to file your returns or a lawyer to fight lawsuits against you, the Digital Marketing Agency is the professional that would assist you in making decisions regarding what to do and how to do it. But how are you going to know which agency is best for you and your firm? Or how the agency is going to aid your marketing plan? Or whether they are genuine or just fooling around with you? These questions need answers but cannot be asked directly. So what should you ask your Digital Marketing Agency? That’s a really good question and we’ll discuss this shortly.


What is Digital Marketing?

A very new and intriguing field of study, booming at a fast pace, is digital marketing. As the name suggests, digital marketing means marketing efforts that have to do with digital technologies. So basically, digital marketing is using smartphones, laptops or other such devices with internet connectivity to access varied platforms of customer visibility like Social Media or Search Engines and thereby communicate your marketing message with them. This includes components like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mailers, Public Relations, Search Engine Marketing, and Content Marketing. These terms are a bit difficult to comprehend but easy to understand. However, we’ll save them for another time. What we are concerned about now us about the Digital Marketing Agency.


What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency is a specialized service provider that expertise in matters related to Digital Marketing. It is nothing but a group of people who have resources and knowledge to provide a wide variety of services, related to Digital Marketing, under one roof. Businesses usually rely on them as a consulting partner. The business may lack in house expertise in digital marketing as it is quite a new field with not many special courses available for the same. Plus, as per recent trends, 70% businesses outsource digital marketing efforts. So, these agencies have a great scope in this area.

A typical digital marketing agency will provide you with services like search engine optimization, click and visit count increment, visibility on social media platforms, website optimization, content optimization, etc. But the main objective of the agency will be to reconcile with the sales goals of the client. Now, different agencies offer the same services in different ways. And with an ocean of Digital Marketing Agencies out there, finding the most suitable one for your business will surely be like searching a needle in a haystack! Well, let us try searching for it together!


What questions should you ask your Digital Marketing Agency?

The most difficult task in life is to make choices. It is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong and we can all use the help of some good criteria to evaluate our options. If you are hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, you should consider asking them the following questions in order to avoid getting let down or deceived by them. And a good agency will always have answers to these:


Since how long have you been doing Digital Marketing?

  • As a first step, this is the most logical question you should ask your to be Digital Marketing Agency. You are going to put the Marketing of your business in the hands of this new firm. And so, you need to be very sure about their credibility. Knowing the number of years they have been engaged in conducting digital marketing will help you know the amount of experience they possess in this field and whether they will be able to handle the image of your brand properly or not.


Who were your previous clients?

  • You should try to get a lead into the previous client base of the digital marketing agency. Most of them will already boast this part upfront. But you need to be more specific. Don’t get lured by the names if the big brands, rather keep pressing on what was the nature of work they conducted for these brands? What were the problems they faced? How they coped with them? What were the results derived? Ask for client reviews too. This helps you know about their major wins and their experience of working with good brands. Also, you’ll get a hint of how they work and how successful they are in their work. It builds more trust for the agency and will make it easy for you to decide your best one!


What clients have you served in our sector?

  •  It is not only important to know the clients that they have served before but more important to know which of them belonged to your business industry. This has a two-way benefit. One, it helps you know whether they have any experience in digital marketing for your sector firms because each sector has different needs and different customer bases. How they are targetted, requires a good hand in the are. And two, you get an idea about the competition for whom the digital marketing agency is currently working or has worked in the past. This helps you create plans that are different from your competition so that there isn’t any conflict of interest.


How many official partnerships do you possess with top search engines?

  • This question will give you an idea of which search engines are targetted bu the agency. For good reach, you need to rank higher on a favorably used search engine. If you rank high on Firefox, maybe that won’t be a very big thing, but if you rank higher on Google, that can create a manifold impact on your sales! So be aware of who are the official search engine partners of your Digital Marketing agency so that you can get an added advantage. 
  • Are you aware but of Google Web Master Guidelines? Do you follow them?

  •  This is a technical term and might seem new to you. But it is necessary to fo your homework before choosing the agency, as it will convey a message to the agency that you are no amateur, and have sufficient knowledge. You will never be cheated. So, Google Webmaster Guidelines are nothing but a set of rules that Google suggests to be used while you make your website so that it is user friendly as well as Google friendly. It really can help you reach the top ranks on the Search Engine. So your digital marketing agency needs to know about this.


  • Would you provide us with some samples of your Content and Posts? 

  • Samples are important to judge the work they will provide you. Digital Marketing Agencies will provide you with samples of their best work. You need to not only judge the work but also ask them how would they relate this to your product or service. Their creativity is the key to your successful Marketing. So go in for samples of content and posts before signing the deal.


  • How often would new Content be published on our website?

  • Campaigns are fine but a strong campaign may also fail to provide results without consistency. Make sure that new and fresh content gets added to your website every now and then to fuel in the results. Ask your digital marketing agency on how often will they refresh your website with new posts, content, and blogs to maintain the flow of visits and offer newer stuff to your customers.


  • How is Content Optimised?

  •  Merely filling in words for content is not enough. The digital marketing agency may have writers with marvelous writing skills but what is important is that your site should rank higher on the Search Engine or else, no one is ever going to actually read that content. So, the Content needs to be optimized with keywords and other SEO techniques. Ask the agency to list down their unique ways of optimization to be sure of their plan.


  • How much of your work do you outsource?

  •  As a business, you are outsourcing Digital Marketing by hiring an agency to do the needful. But you need to be sure whether the digital marketing agency you are relying on, carries out its work in-house or outsources it to others. There may be instances of agencies outsourcing the work of website creation to other firms. But you should know about the quantity they outsource and also the quality. Transparency is very important in such cases.


  • What is your take on the industry changes?

  • Digital Marketing is a volatile area of knowledge. With changing technology, daily there are changes in this area that can set a huge chain effect of differences for you and your brand. So, you need to know how is your digital marketing agency going to cope with the volatility of the industry and what will it do to protect your brand from hitting low in times of unfavorable changes
  • What will be our day to day work procedure?
  •  Daily coordination is quite a necessity. Without that, there can be miscommunication which can lead to terrible disasters. With that, you should also ask your digital marketing agency on how they plan to coordinate daily and make changes to the plan if needed. Also, decide on the number of hours they will spend on your campaign to be sure the work is done as planned.


  • To what extent will you improve the conversion rate of our website and our ranking on the search engine?
  • Ask them for numbers. Because numbers give you surety. The digital marketing agency should be able to give you calculated promises for an increase in the conversion rate of your product and your ranking on the Search Engine. These numbers give you a clear view of the campaign’s stability and you can track the campaign easily. Based on this, you can set targets for them.
  • When can we expect starting to see results and What metrics will you use to convey the results?

  • Results are as important as objectives. Ask your Digital Marketing Agency to provide the forecasted time within which results would be visible. Also, negotiate on the metrics (units) for declaring the results. Commonly used metrics include Cost per Click, Ad positions, Conversion Rates, Keyword counts, Landing page keywords, CTR, etc. Easy to read reports would help you know how your paid search campaigns and paid promotions are performing.


How would you help us in case of penalization or other such extreme situation?
  • : Ask the digital marketing agency about their plans to combat an unfavorable situation like your site being blocked, data loss, hacking of social media accounts or any penalties. At such times it is necessary that your agency works smartly to get you out of the mess. Or else you may find yourself falling deep. Also, be prepared with backups of your data, posts and other content because it’s the technology and it can fail anytime!

These questions are not exhaustive. You may add any doubt from your mind to the list. But be fully content before making a choice. And also, do not forget to do your homework before getting the deal done. The more you are informed, the more your chances of being fooled get reduced. And you will certainly not be clueless as to what is happening and what is your agency up to. So be informed and do make a wise choice for your Digital Marketing Agency.


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What is the Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

It seems like your curiosity has gotten the better of you and so here you are searching for an answer to a popular question. Whether you are a scholar, student, professional, or a common person, you have encountered marketing somehow. Marketing has a lot many flavors to it. Anything and everything around us is a perfect example of Marketing. And with times shifting to a digital era, Marketing has become digital. Now the question arises, what is Digital Marketing and how do you know one when you see it? Doesn’t this question ring a bell to you? It’s so familiar to almost every ear cause we all in some way or the other are affected by Marketing and the way it is conducted. And so, this is a very common question amongst scholars and people in general. And that’s what we intend to find here. So, continue to read further to feed your curiosity with the answer to the most famous question: What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.


What is Marketing?

Marketing in simple terms is to approach the market with what you feel is the best offer. Marketing in itself is a very broad term. Seen scholastically, Marketing is the process of bridging the gap between the producer and the consumer by using a mix of 4 Ps of marketing, namely product, price, promotion, and place. Product mix refers to the mix of activities that help a product stand uniquely in the crowd. These include branding, packaging, labeling, and imaging. Price, of course, is the monetary aspect of the product’s cost and profits. The place is the channel which helps in the distribution of the product. And promotion is the element that helps you communicate your product values to the customers and convince them to purchase it. So overall, marketing is really vast. And when we talk about traditional and digital marketing, we are actually referring to the promotional part of the subject. So, now that we are aware of what Marketing is, let’s explore what digital marketing refers to.


What is Digital Marketing?

Now that’s a real good question. What exactly is Digital Marketing? And why is it important to know about it? Digital Marketing is a corollary of Traditional Marketing in a way that it complements the objectives of what traditional marketing does. Digital Marketing refers to anything that has to do with the internet and digital technologies like computers, smartphones, laptops, etc. which help you to interact with your target audience over digital media platforms and promote your product or service in the most efficient way. So Digital Marketing simply is carrying out Marketing activities, especially promotion, online, using the internet.

Now that we know what digital marketing is, the question remains why is it important to know about this term? In recent times, about a decade after the computers had started being used extensively in professional areas and businesses, the internet too gained a lot of popularity. Over the years, the internet became a way in which people communicated. It became essential to their very being. To an extent where we can’t even dream of parting from our phones for a single minute without anxiety. And that’s when it strikes the genius minds. What if we started using this social media to communicate with our customers directly? Wouldn’t that be personalized, and more effective apart from being easy to use and with the lesser cost? The answer is before all of us. Today the time has arrived when marketing is dressed in the newer attire of digital technology. So, it is imperative to know what Digital Marketing is because for sure, it is the present and the future of Marketing.


What is the Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

And now the question which brought us all here. What makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing? The basic difference that we are aware of by the very definition of the terms is that while traditional marketing takes place via traditional means of promotion like an advertisement, digital marketing takes place over the digital platform. For a detailed explanation, we further discuss the most striking differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing to help you clearly distinguish the two:


  • Components: The major difference in traditional marketing and digital marketing is the way these are conducted. While traditional marketing includes promotion via notices, pamphlets, TV advertisements, business cards, handouts, announcements, print advertising including magazines and newspapers, radio promotion, publicity events, product show, and others. On the other hand, the digital marketing area includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Mailers, Content Marketing, and Public Relations. So it is pretty much clear that traditional marketing is basically made from components that are conducted in a traditional, old school way, while digital marketing is focused solely on components that are linked to the internet, the Search Engine and Social Media.


  • Cost: Now when it comes to business, we are all very conscious about the costs because these are ultimately going to impact our profits. And that’s where digital marketing is different from the traditional one with an upper hand. Traditional Marketing sources mainly print, TV, and radio advertising, lead to enormous costs. A single TV ad costs in thousands of rupees per ten seconds. While these rates may vary from property to property (the spicy shows, hot news and dramatic movies you watch on the TV are called Properties), the commercial rates are extremely high. And so is the reach. But, Digital Marketing, with its component of Social Media Marketing helps to do the exact same thing with more or less the same impact at a very less cost. For a single ad campaign on Instagram or Facebook, you might need about 100-200 rupees. So traditional marketing is costlier and digital marketing is cheaper.


  • Customer Targeting: Now another striking difference between these two forms of Marketing is that while in traditional marketing you may lack a choice of target customer, the same is not true for digital marketing. Now what this means is that in traditional marketing, all you can focus on is the quality of the commercial, the creative part, and the reach of the property in your target base. This leads to a bit of spillover to customers who may not belong to your target. But in case of digital marketing, you get to define the target audience and the ad campaign is run only on the feeds of these targeted customers. This makes digital marketing quite flexible and traditional marketing a bit rigid.


  • Results: Aren’t we all impatient to know the results? And that is extremely important when it comes to business because quicker results lead to quicker decisions. Digital Marketing helps you monitor the results of your campaign daily through reach, clicks, visits, etc. While in traditional marketing results are visible in a more indirect way. Mainly through predictions of the future. In TV commercials, you get the weekly reports of reach. For radio and print, it is quite difficult to ascertain this.


  • Brand image: Marketing has been used over the years to create brand awareness. Today it is used as a tool for brand imaging. Brand image is the visual of the brand that you create in the customer’s mind. It is the thought that strikes the customer on viewing or hearing about your brand. For eg., Xerox has become an epitome of a photocopy. That’s how people identify it. Now traditional marketing helps in the creation of a general brand image and awareness of the brand’s presence. On the other hand, digital marketing helps in creating a digital presence of the brand. And in today’s era, the time people spend on TV or radio or reading newspapers is quite less than what they spend on Google searching for product details or on Social Media scrolling pages of influencers to know about a product. So Digital presence is the key to reach the customer today. And that’s done by digital marketing.


  • Analytics: Another difference here is analytics. In traditional marketing it is difficult to analyze the campaign while it is life. It is certainly not possible to collect data then and there. But in digital marketing, tools like Google Analytics help you to keep an eye on what’s going on. You can access data of your customers, and analyze your performance using charts, graphs, etc which is all said and done by the advanced tools. So while digital marketing allows analytics, traditional marketing doesn’t.


  • Life of the Creative: This is an important aspect and differentiates traditional marketing and digital marketing quite well. Traditional Marketing creatives (the creative part, plot, imaging, etc. of the ads, in newspapers or on TV are called Creatives. Basically, ads are nothing but creatives) are usually created for longer durations. Like in a TV commercial, the ad may be shot once in three to four years. This means the same creative/ad can be used in multiple campaigns. Same is the case with newspapers and radio. You may have seen the same ads for the brands in the newspaper or on the TV a hundred times. This helps businesses in cost cutting. On the other hand, when it comes to digital marketing, you need to be proactive and robust. You need to be aware of the trends, the hashtags, the memes and the current affairs so that you can use these little things to develop posts and stories for social media platforms. Similarly you need to be updated to write blogs on the latest topics, and promote them immediately. It’s all a matter of timing in digital marketing. Time is very important. What’s in the morning may get stale by the end of the day. If you have ever noticed Amul’s ads in newspapers, it may strike you these ads are basically memes of the old days!


  • Point of Marketing: This means the point where the brands try to seek the attention of their customers. In digital marketing, the brand would follow you anywhere and everywhere you visit. For instance if you want to buy a school bag, you search for it on google. And the next thing you know is that you start getting ads of bag brands on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and any site you visit will have pops of bag ads. Even your games would be filled in with these ads. So basically, digital marketing uses cookies to track you and seek your attention at every digital point. But, once you’re done with your phone, and it’s either switched off or basically you’ve cut your contact with these devices, the impact of digital marketing is gone. No one can chase you any further. And that’s where traditional marketing comes in. Traditional Marketing targets you at all the platforms that are not digital. Be it your newspaper, your TV show, a radio buzz, on-road, at the mall, in the theatre, within the movie, at the bus stand, in the metro, at an event, or any other place. You’ll always be welcomed with traditional marketing efforts from brands. So, digital marketing targets you online and traditional marketing does it offline.


So here we come to an end. The above differences create a holistic view of what traditional marketing is, what digital marketing is and how are they different from each other. These also give us an insight into their importance and on the fact that traditional marketing and digital marketing are not two sides to the same coin, rather they are the two wheels of the brand cycle. Both are needed equally to create a complete presentation of the brand and grab the customer’s attention at every possible point of contact. You cannot ensure your brand’s acceptance using just one of them. While traditional is needed to interact at offline points, digital marketing is the need of the hour. Both are corollary to each other and both are important to make the brand a success.